Marin Bikes! A Wonderful Full Suspension Bike

The marin bikes company was owned and run by Bob Buckley, who set up back this corporation in 1986. Although as concerned to this company, this is a mature company and used advanced technology to produce these bikes in their factory. This company is well-known for using latest 3D computer technology to design some amazing and unique machines in the cycling world.

This marin bikes company is specifically based in California, which is said as the place where biking and especially mountain biking was born. Absolutely a lot of things have been changed since the early days with advancement in technology which has a direct impact on shape, size and material used in manufacturing of new bikes. But still this place provides some perfect places to test brand new technology on the ground. This company has an outsized bike store in the Marin country that inspired the inventors of bicycle as well as its manufacturers.

Production of Marin bikes

Marin bikes are produced with the help of latest computer software design which can test the condition with more severe than any marin biker would do. These testing in a bike store ensure that the bike will survive if anything thrown at it and guarantees the strength of each model before a model may be considered as final. Once the model of marin bikes pass several tests related to strength, it goes into production or real sample which can then tested outside bike store. If it passes these outdoor tests then these bikes are manufactured for sale across the globe.

Use of Full suspension system

The model produced by marin Bikes Company in 2010 has no exception to high quality product. This prototype bike incorporates the latest technology of suspension system which is considered as one of the most sophisticated full suspension system for bikes. This marin bike has a head angle of 68.5° which is the perfect angle for any mountain bike. The frame of this bike is made out of aluminum to manufacture bike lighter than the traditional bikes are. These bikes have some innovative and unique models on road which are used by not only racers but also by women’s and children as these are most comfortable and lighter weight bikes. These bikes are also available in different models such as street bikes and path bikes, which are commonly used by urban customers. The marin bikes are one of the top quality bikes which are liked by extreme cyclists and racers.